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Erica Vong (she/her) | Visual Artist | Canadian

Erica is a full-time science major and a part-time artist who goes by the alias ricov​. She is constantly experimenting with different techniques and is often inspired by nature and people. She mainly works on highly detailed paper cut-outs, mixed media portraits, and ink drawings. 

​Erica has been drawing for as long as she can remember, but a very large portion of her work exists in the margins of her school notes. She spends much of her free time seeking out new music, agonizing over cliffhangers from anime/TV shows, admiring the works of other artists, and learning new hands-on skills or instruments. She finds detailed art pieces to be relaxing because they allow her to be present in every moment with each line she creates. 

​A long term goal of hers is to build up a large enough body of artwork to take part in, or host, an exhibition! She is also open to collaborate with other artists or local/small businesses. Check out the contact page to get in touch!

Erica Vong © 2022

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